5 Simple Ways to Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS Mobiles

By | February 3, 2017

The Snapchat has undoubtedly delivered many extraordinary talents. You may find many of your Snapchat friends’ creations unimaginably wonderful and completely out of the box. Even after the newly added “Replay” feature which allows you to see the video once again, it doesn’t suffice you for more visits at your free time. We have solutions to your willingness to save Snapchat videos.

Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS Mobiles

Tricks to Save Snapchat Videos on Android & iOS Mobiles

  1. Using File Managers and data Recovery Software’s: You may use any file managing software to browse through your file of your phone after connecting to your PC. Such software is programmed to even detect the transitory or temporary files. This is a tested method to save the Snapchat pictures and videos, but only those which remained unopened by you. So this means you should not open your message if you have to download the Snapchat photos or videos. iFunBox is one of such program. Some of the Data Recovery Application can be used to revisit those photos and videos as more or less all the files and documents remain present on your device locally. This is the way to use even opened and destroyed messages also.
  2. There is a trick to save your snap’s screenshot without any detection. In your iOS device, you may follow the process stepwise in order to skip the app detection. First hold the home and power button together and hold the picture while tapping on the screen. Now remove your finger from the screen and tap the home button twice before the snap gets disappear. This trick will allow you to see the screenshot as many times as you want. However, we don’t assure you the trick being a foolproof one.

The App-Ways to Save Snapchat Videos on Your Mobile

  1. Apowersoft Recorder: Andriod and iOS, both the versions available in the market: This is freely available on Google Play store and App Store too. It allows the microphone to capture the audio messages however, the Videos get recorded. You can also take a screenshot with this app. For Andriod users, only Android 5.0 and later devices can install this app.
  2. SavemySnaps: This one serves the purpose and Android users can download and save their Snapchat Videos in their mobile. This simple application is quite handy as the videos and pictures get saved automatically. You should always run this app first and then open the Snapchat videos or pictures. This app has few freebies like advertisements which are annoying and you need to pay for blocking those ads.
  3. Display Recorder: Display Recorder is another wonderful app for iOS and there is no need to connect with the PC for recording and saving the Snapchat Videos. This is available on Cydia store instead of App store and iPhone users have to jailbreak before downloading the app.

Snapsave is another very good app to allow recording and saving Snapchat Videos for iOS whereas; Andriod users need to download an apk file for using this app in their devices.


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