How do You Know if Someone Blocked You on Snapchat [snapchat blocking someone]

By | February 7, 2017

Snapchat has become a rage these days. The App has become so popular among people that somewhere it got higher popularity ranking compared to Whatsapp. This app is a chatting App which can send videos, photos, texts, or drawings etc. to your friends. The unique feature of the App is that the video/text/photos etc whatever you send to the recipient, all get destroyed within seconds. The maximum time limit to this distortion is 10 second which could be set by the sender. However, the phone does shows the instances of the messages received with their senders’ contact details.  Besides being simple and popular worldwide, it’s really frustrating if you do not get a response to your sent messages and you wonder “whether your friend has blocked you on Snapchat”. And the lookout begins with your doubt and anguish towards knowing who has blocked you on Snapchat.

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“How Should you Know if Someone has Blocked you on Snapchat”.

I understand that how frustrating it could be when someone blocks you on Snapchat. You tend to get irate and start thinking why has someone deleted you on snapchat. Here we have brought some of the ways to confirm, what exactly is going on in reality.

Check Your Contacts: You will not find the username in your Snapchat contact list if someone has deleted you from his/her Snapchat contacts.

Send Message to suspects: Send messages to all your suspects and wait for a reply. Most likely your message will not get across if you have been deleted from their contact list.

Check by score: Click on your Suspect’s Snapchat username and see if there is any specific information about that contact or not. Even after having a score higher than 50; the contact doesn’t have best friends then it means you are out of their Snapchat contact/friend list.

How to Check that your Friend has Deleted you from his Snapchat Friend List

  • The very first but a simple way is to add the user id once again and send your contact a friend request to get added again if someone has deleted you by mistake. Anybody who has deleted deliberately will not add you again which means that he or she has blocked you on Snapchat.
  • You can also confirm this by simply going through your feed to look for their stories there. If you don’t find one; you are out of his network on the Snapchat. You cannot see their Snapchat Username even if your suspected friend is in your contact.
  • One of the most obvious way to suspect the person when you see a white icon after clicking on their name. However, the icon remains purple when you two are friends. The white icon is the confirmation that you two are not friends on Snapchat. Be it knowingly or unknowingly the other person has deleted you from his friend list. You can send a friend request to be a Snapchat friend again.

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