Snapchat Emojis | Meaning of Snapchat icons & Symbols

By | July 13, 2017

Snapchat is one of the most popular instant messaging applications available for all the users on the web. Most of the people call this app has the best application that allow the users to communicate with their pals through images. An interesting feature in Snapchat Application is that the users can send ephemeral messages to their Snapchat friends. Ephemeral is nothing but the pictures that a person sends to their friend will delete or disappear automatically after a stipulated time period. Even if the recipient doesn’t open the message on Snapchat, the message will vanish automatically once the time limit completes.

Most of them prefer using Snapchat application so as to send picture messages alongside the text with much ease. Apart from the text messages and picture messages, the users of Snapchat can also send their favorite symbols and icons without any difficulty. In short we call all these symbols and icons as Emojis. In fact the symbols that people use on Snapchat referred to as Emojis. The icons that we use on Snapchat will indicate the relationship with your friends and the status of your pictures. People make use of bounteous Snapchat Emojis while communicating with their friends. But most of them might not be aware of the meaning of these Emojis. In order to help you guys, we have come up with a detailed guide about Snapchat Icons and Symbols.

Snapchat Emojis

These days, the usage of Emojis and other symbols in messaging applications has become quite popular. People usually make use of the Snapchat symbols or Emojis in order to communicate with their friends. Instead of typing lengthy text messages, these Emojis and Symbols will save the time of user. In addition, Emojis referred to as the Emoticons that people use them to specify their relationship with their friends. If you want to send these Snapchat Emojis to your friends then they must and should have Snapchat Account on their device too.

If you want to send a symbol or emoji to your friends, you can find them next to the name of your friends present in your inbox or on the list of your friends. Apart from Snapchat, many other messaging app developers have designed and developed meaningful Emojis in order to ease the communication of people. For every emoji, you can find a hidden meaning in it. You can use a particular emoji or symbol depending on your mood, situation and person.

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Snapchat Symbols and Icons : Meanings

The developers of Snapchat have reset a meaning for each and every symbol and icon that people use on Snapchat. Check out the meaning of popular symbols and icons on Snapchat.

Smiley face

The meaning of this symbol is that people will send number of snaps or pictures to that person but they might not be their best friend.

Gold Heart

Gold Heart indicates best friends. On Snapchat, if you send gold heart to any person it indicates that most of your chats and communication on this app is with this person only.


This symbol indicates competition.

grimacing face

Smiley with Sunglasses

This symbol on Snapchat indicates that you both are friends.

smiley with sun glasses

Birthday Cake

If you send this symbol on Snapchat, it means that you are wishing your friend on their birthday.

birthday cake emoji

Smirking Face

 Smile that suggests self satisfaction / smiling on others misfortune or unhappiness.

smirking face emoji

Fire : 

You are on a snapstreak,you have snapped this person everyday and they have snapped you back.

fire emoji on snapchat

Hourglass : 

Your Snapstreak is about to End..Send another snap to be alive

hourglass emoji


Friend Emojis are a fun way to learn a little more about your friends on Snapchat! These change over time, based on how you interact with your friends.

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