Snapchat Fun Face Effects [How to use Filters and Lenses for Snapchat Face Effects?]

By | February 21, 2017

New to Snapchat!! Here we have a quick guide to using the App for its fun face effects. This chatting App’s coverage is getting broader day by day with its increased number of users all across the world. People are using it for its fun face making feature especially among youngsters the app has risen as a revolutionized application. This gives them a huge option to apply their creative mind and puts their emotions without any fear and shame; as the life of the creations sent to anybody ends up within seconds.

Snapchat Fun Face Effects

How to use Snapchat Lenses and Filters for Fun Face Effects

Snapchat lenses: Let’s get started with Snapping faces be it yours or someone else’s.

Turn your camera on Selfie mode to make your face funny. Once your phone camera is activated, ensure your full image is captivated by the camera. Now tap and hold your picture until a mesh mapping captures your face completely. You will find few circles appeared. These are lenses for you to select while swiping left or right; however and whatever you want. These lenses are active and guide you with directions depending upon the kind of effect you want to apply on your face. The Snapchat active lenses might ask you to open your mouth, say something, or raise your eyebrows and likewise. The feature will drive you crazy with so many funny faces making effects. All these are free lenses available on rotation. You can add or remove one on a daily basis. The Face swapping lens is the last one which features to swap your face with the image available in your camera. Once you are done with your creativity, take a photo with the shutter button and in the case of video tap and hold the same shutter button. Now when you are through with the photo shoot or recording, you will automatically reach to an editing screen. Here you can select the recipient or simply add your creation to your story. You can show the same creativity on others face too where you have to use the rear camera.

Snapchat filters: The Snapchat filters are the extras you might want to add up to the effects to your creations. This can be done simply by swiping left or right, however, there are few things you need to ensure.

The latest or upgraded version is required where you have to enable filters of the app. You have to furnish location access to the app. Once the location is provided then you are good to go with filters. Swipe right or left to use filters. Snapchat features many kinds of filters like geofilters, Data filters, colour filters, some video-only filters are also available. You can add more than one filter at a time and for that tap and hold the picture and then swipe the already filtered image. You can add up to 3 filters for images and 5 filters for videos.

Enjoy Snapping!!

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