About Snapchat score | How to increase Snapchat Score very fast?

By | May 24, 2017

Snapchat score 

Snapchat is an incredible picture messaging application available for all the users on the web. This app lets the peeps send instant messages and communicate with their buddies through images. This has turned out to become the best social media app compared to other messaging apps. There are innumerable features available on Snapchat application. Among numerous features, Snapchat Score is the best feature. Have you ever heard the term ‘Snapchat Score’? Many of the people think that Snapchat is all about sending messages and emojis but there is something more.

What exactly is this Snapchat Score? Whenever you open Snapchat and scroll down to the bottom of the screen, a profile page appears. On your profile page, you can see your name and next to it, you will find a figure. It is not actually the total number of snaps or pictures that you have sent to your friends. In fact, Snapchat score indicates the performance of the user on Snapchat application. It sometimes counts the snaps that you usually send to your friends. Is there a necessity to increase the score on your Snapchat?

Yes, it is absolutely required for every Snapchat user so as to increase their Snapchat score. This will eventually help the users to unlock various Snapchat trophies. Here is everything you need to know about Snapchat Score. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide to enhance the Snapchat Score with much ease in a faster way. Check it out!

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Why need Snapchat Score?

On Snapchat, we usually send a number of pictures and videos to our friends and relatives. Whenever you send any picture, it just appears for about few seconds and vanishes immediately once the time expires. There is a possibility of adding snaps to your Snapchat story. Each day, people usually receive and send thousands of pictures or snaps on this application. It is pretty much arduous to keep a complete track of all the points that you have collected through your snaps. However, you can check out your Snapchat score that usually appears on your profile next to your name.

  1. Active Involvement on Snapchat

If you are seeking to enhance your score, you need not have to send all your snaps to each and every person. However, you can reach high score only if you actively take part in using the Snapchat account from your device. You need to keep in mind that you won’t get one point per person if you send snaps to each and everyone. Even if you send a single snap to thousands, you will get only 1 point.

  1. Use Snapbooster Tool

Another best way to increase your Snapchat score is by making use of Snapbooster tool. By using this tool, you can easily increase the score sans any hassle. We can consider using this tool as a simple hack in Snapchat.

  1. Evade Sending Text Messages

Even if you send or open text messages on Snapchat, it doesn’t increase your Snapchat Score. Try to circumvent sending text messages to your friends by double-clicking on the message.

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